2014 Playoffs – July 25-27

Final day to get your scores in will be Thurs afternoon at 12pm, we will get the draw out after the Thursday night games. Tournament will be made up in the fairest way possible with top seeds typically getting best times etc. There is the possibility of long breaks between games but every attempt has been made to try and minimize as much as possible. The playoff draw times will not be final until Thurs

Friday night start of the playoffs eight teams will be playing and postgame field prep

Seating is by wins as in past years, not winning percentage, then head to head, then points for and against, if there are not accurate point records or if two or more teams are still tied, the teams will flip a coin for seating.

Everyone: winning teams please rake infield and water after each game, teams are responsible for cleaning up their dugout after games.

Do not bring beer to the field Saturday and Sunday we have a liquor license for Sat and Sun and please tell your fans not to bring beer. Your team will be fined if caught with your own alcohol and tournament prizes will be forfeited.

Please be courteous to the other teams and Umpires and as there is alcohol involved please maintain a high level of sportsmanship. Please make sure your players drink responsibility and find a safe way home.

No new innings after 1:15, 1 open inning, SPN substitution rules, 1 pinch runner per inning only. No picking up of other guys playing in the tournament, min 5 games for players to qualify for tournament.

All teams are responsible for keeping grounds clean please tell your guys and fans to not drop their garbage under the bleachers including butts and put in the cans we all have the responsibility of picking up every last butt or park guys complain to the field allocator. Please keep all beer in cups and away from parking lot area etc.

Final Cleanup of grounds and taking down of Beer Garden at the end of each day will be the responsibility of the last two teams playing (this has not worked well in the past, so you game is a forfeit if you team does not help out and prizes will be awarded after grounds are clean). That being said if there is a team or individuals who would like to take on the cleanup duties for each day, the league will pay $20hr for 4 to 10 shift sat and 4-9 sunday.

Home run contest $10 per person restricted to 20 guys so won’t go overtime this year\\

Please submit your availablity below.

Friday 4-6 – Field Prep

Friday Games

Saturday Games

Sunday Games


Week 16 Games – Monday, July 21

Time Home Away Field
6:10 pm Beavers Fivers East
7:40 pm Wailers Beavers East

Week 15 Makeup Game – Friday, July 18

Time Home Away Field
6:10 pm Beavers Shockers East
7:40 pm Itappa Beavers West

Week 15 Games – Tuesday, July 14

Time Home Away Field
6:10 pm Beavers Outlaws West
7:40 pm Phillies Beavers West